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cold weather never brakes warm hearts........

its the 23rd of december and the temperature has started to drop again. our little valley finally recieved the snow that we had hoped for. snow that stayed through the nite. i'm sure that this time it wont melt away, but it always does. whenever the first sign of a warm day becomes apparent, the snow is gone. so what do we have to say about the snow this time around. it seems cold enough for the snow to stay, at least until christmas. but what about those disappointing days when we wake up to a warm day, a muddy lawn and a bag full of salt that will never be put to use.
and what about the salt? why is it that we try so hard and make it so important to have snow for christmas. do we even think about that when we throw the salt down to make a quicker, safer walk to our frosty cars each morning? i always undo what i hope and pray for, without a moments thought of why i wanted it in the first place. but like the snow, it usually leaves me anyway.
so do i even care about the snow this time? not really. why we want it there in the first place is beyond me. we do everything we can to avoid it when it comes. plowed roads.earmuffs and mittens. ice scrapers.snow blowers. there is so much effort put into removing it, so why does snow have such an appeal in the first place? because it's nice to look at it as it falls and covers our lawns, still half covered with the leaves we never got to. as we run out to our yards and stick our warm hands in the biting snow, we never remember that the same thing happened last year. we never remember how cold snow can be. we never think about how we held our chilled, blue hands to our heaters after our impulsive trip outside. thats where the problem is. the snow always looks so much more inviting and understanding than it did the year before or even the week before.
all that i have really learned from all of these bitter winters is that each year i hesitate just one moment longer before i reach up and pull that icecycle off of my roof, or wipe my windshield from the previous nites snow with my bare hand. i always wait and rethink for that one extra second but i always give in. i always forget.
the snow has fallen for me once more. so how will i measure up? should i run outside and jump right in, or should i stay inside where i know its warm and unfulfilling? each year we get a little smarter, a little older and a little less cold.
who's to say that any of this will make sense in the morning, but then again who's to say i'm even talking about the weather.......
i will always look forward to the spring
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