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i'll be home for christmas........

what a freakin' awesome day it was today! i bet that today was one of the best days i've had in two years. in case none of you knew my best friend adam brown, formerly elder brown, returned today from his mission in north carolina. i couldnt help but just smile all day. it was so perfect to have him home. he hasn't changed his personality at all. he is still so funny. my eyes welled up with tears when i saw him at the airport. i'm such a geek.......
but i'm not going to forget my other cousin meghan who is visiting for a week. she has been going to a reform school of sorts in southern utah. i'm so glad that i got to hang out with her, she has changed her whole attitude around. she is so passionate about the church. i'm so lucky to have such awesome cousins and friends.
sleepy time
the underground music of this generation will become the pop music of tomorrow's generation
PS we all need to pay our respects to the late joe strummer. he died this week from a heart attack.....
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