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i'm dreaming of a trite christmas........

is it me or has christmas gone dramatically downhill? it seemed much more entertaining when i was little, when christmas meant waking up early to unwrap all of the presents that were layed out for us. when it meant laying under my covers at two in the morning too excited too sleep. i used to stay up late trying to listen for santa claus, now i stay up late updating my live journal.................
last nite shannon, brian, janell and i were driving around "looking at christmas lights". and when i say "looking at christmas lights" i mean driving aimlessly around logan trying to find something to do on christmas eve. nothing was open and we were all really bored. obviously our own families had given up on trying to make christmas eve entertaining. dont get me wrong, i love white elephant gifts, but is that what our christmas has been reduced to? i've been to three christmas parties this year and all three have included me recieving a white elephant gift.
so anyway, we drove around logan, nothing was open, not even walmart or beto's. so after we dropped off janell we decided to go to 711. yay.
that was probably one of the most festive things i did on christmas eve. because they were there so late i got a free donut, not because the 711 employee was spilling over with christmas cheer, but because they were going to throw them away anyway. so with a day old apple fritter in one hand i decided to make this holiday complete and buy some egg nog. it did taste like christmas, but not of my new found christmas. so i choked it down in the parking lot while gnawing on my donut that has been sitting in a diplay casse 36 hours. that was the extent of my christmas eve.
christmas morning is a whole new issue. i woke up this morning, not at six or even seven but at nine thirty. and it wasn't my excitement that drove my eyes open, but adam calling me. he had his christmas and was just winding down from everything. it is now 10:32 and i have yet to even look at my presents. i dont even know when we are going to open them. whats the point anyway, it's all missionary stuff, and if i dont get it for christmas i'd get it next week or the week after.
seriously though, i love christmas and i love what it truely means. when all of the hype and commercialism dies down, i am reminded of the gift of the Savior to the world. the ultimate and greatest christms gift ever given and ever recieved. i do love christmas time, but as i get older it seems, worn out, like it has become trite and tradition becomes less important and additonally abandoned until we eventually have absolutely no plans and are forced to walk the aisles of 711 at one in the morning.
oh well. adam and i get to talk to dave at one o clock to day. that will be so great. the three of us talking on the phone together one last time before i head out. and next year dave will be home and adam and he will be at my house on christmas day to talk to me.
it did snow last nite and today, i think it'll stick around this time
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