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she's a little more expeidiant than i

wow, so it has been a while since i've updated my journal. a lot has happened that i am really happy about and some stuff i'm not so happy with.
i went to st george/las vegas this past week. it was so much fun. i love my family so much. but i'm not going to recap everything i did, if you are really that interested read my sisters livejournal. she's a little more expeidiant than i.
new years eve 2002 was the most memorable new years eve since new years eve 2001 or at least new years eve 2000, to say the least. shannon.janell.brian.kayelyn.adam.johnny.sarah.russell.jd and myself all hung out at janell's house. we just hung around all nite and did nothing, but enjoi each other's company. oh, yeah and i laughed hysterically at sarah and the endless nose blowing. what she liked to call "whooping cough and the snot from hell" silly girl. wait did i forget to mention that we didnt sleep that nite. good times
to all of my friends who expected, what seemed to be, the impossible from me this week(i.e.janell and heather), let me say this much: i finally talked to kayelyn. she's the coolest girl. i'm really happy.
i think that we fall in and out of bands as we fall in and out of love
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