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go that way really fast. If something gets in your way turn.

what a freakin' awesome day. if i were to choose one, single thing i did today that could best represent my day as a whole, it would have to be: watching 80's movies on a couch. no contest. sure, i did a lot of other stuff, but this was the most reoccuring thing about my day.
first it was the karate kid late last nite at johnny's. i love that movie but i think it lost a lot of its hype over the years. mr miyagi seemed more crazy than he did wise, danielson seemed a lot scrawnier and less tough, and unfortunately the crane kick at the end was such a disappointment. oh, well. these things are merely trivial, because the karate kid was only a foreshadow of what would come to pass the next day.
by two in the afternoon i found myself passed out at j' nelle's house on the couch watching back to the future. i love little mikey fox. unfortunately the channel found its way to better things and we only watched bac 2 tha footure for a breif moment.
and last but not least i cant forget the way i ended my day. better off dead, laying on a couch at sarah's. what a frickin' rad movie. and what a great way to spend a day. its not that we have all become lazy, but more that we have all run out of ideas. we resort to movies to entertain us.
but that wasnt all that i did today. i did manage to get into the studio and record a bunch of vocals. that was a lot of fun. i had a support group there to help me hit the hi notes. some times i just need a little encouragement.
i think that i have forgotten how to write in my journal. it doesnt feel natural anymore. dang st george trip! oh well..........
Fighting doesn't solve anything. yeah, well neither does palm trees, ma~ the karate kid
brett mx
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