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i'm so close to finishing my cd, it makes me sick! i layed down two more songs tonite. which only leaves about five more..... thats so many! i really hope that i can get it all done on monday. i'm laying down the piano and the cello tracks, along with the second guitar parts and all of the harmonies. its going to be a long day, but i hink it will be awesome when its over with. i'm really excited.

i subbed today and it went a lot better than last time. my friend charlie was there subbing for another (boring) class. i walked past his class and i peeked in, everyone there was reading silently in thier textbooks and working on thier assignments. BORING! in fact thats exactly what i said. i walked in, cupped my hands around my mouth and yelled "BORING!". all of the kids stopped and gave me the dirtiest looks. i was laughing so hard. it was so funny. any way, so i went over to this box of molecules and started piecing them together and making toys with them. i was hitting these balls together and it made a really loud clacking sound. i was so annoying, i told them it was becasue of my ADD! i eventually left the room and went to the office to talk to the attendance lady. on my way back down, i peeked into that same class that i was just in and all of the kids were running around being obnoxious! i'm so glad that i had a positive influence on someone today!

we went to two shows tonite. flocked cows at gotta lotta amd PPO at smithfield main. it was a lot of fun. flocked cows dedicated a song to me. it was called cellulite. i wonder if they were trying to hint something to me..........
and after that show we made our way to smithfield to catch ppo's set. it was really good. there were a lot more people at this show than at the other one. after the show a lot of people came up to me and said thier goodbyes. i heard a lot of "hey man, good luck. it was great getting to know you" and a couple of "i probably won't ever see you again"s. it really hit me. i am going on a mission on wednesday. for two years! i am sick at the thought that i will never see my friends again. i love my friends they have saped me into who i am. it just made me think a lot about what is going on. i really questioned the whole missiion thing tonite. and i'm still as excited as i've ever been.

i think that when someone gains a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel it is thier responsibility to go out and proclaim it to the world. i know that this gospel is true. i know that there is a supreme being and that i can communicate with Him through prayer. i know that for a fact. and now it is my duty to bring this knowledge to my brothers and sisters in south carolina. i take comfort in that. it took me seven months of painful, intense pleading and praying before i finally recieved the answer to my prayers. and i will never forget it. it was truly one of the most sacred experiences i have ever had. and becasue of these things i have grown.

i'm too excited for tomorrow! but i have to get up at six. i'm out!
take care
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