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two words to sum up my day: recording studio. i woke up this morning and i went to finish recording all of my songs. i went in at ten and layed down a bunch of tracks. i'm so glad i'm done, it feels so good. i have been working on this for two years and now i am finished. wahoo! i am really happy with how it sounds. i hope that people like it.

after recording i went over to my house for a super navajo party! we had navajo tacos and brownies. what a killer combo! but we also watched "oh brother, where art thou?" which is definitely one of my favorites. i'm not sure what everyone else thought about it. oh well.

tomorrow is kayelyn's birthday, which also means that tomorrow i get set apart. i bought her a birthday present and i really hope she likes it. i'm sure that she will because she likes anything. i burnt her a cd with only one song on it. it is a song that i wrote and i recorded today. i think that she liked it. did i mention that i adore that girl so much? she is so awesome! i finally realized that its going to be harder than i thought to leave her behind. but i am looking forward to her being here when i get back. man, i would love to date her in two years.

i am going to be set apart as a missionary tomorrow. thats going to be so wierd. i am going to lvoe that feeling. i know it! i am excited to report to the mtc on wednesday. its going to be a completely new world, full of responsibility and schedules and not sleeping in and not spending two years in my parents basement.....

i love you all.
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