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let it snow.........

oh boy, what a day it has been. today i got to go to the temple with my bestest friend adam. it was so much fun, he has been such a blessing as i prepare to go on my mission. its so rad having him here, it seriously feels like he never even left in the first place. when we were at the temple today, one of the workers asked us if we were brothers. no one has asked us that for so long. i totally forgot that everyone would ask us that. it was pretty funny. but either way, i think that we act exactly the same, even though he has been gone for two years. i'm glad that we never grew apart.
so tomorrow is going to be the best! i'm headed down to lehi to go on a date with kayelyn! we are doubling with ben and denise. it is seriously going to be so much fun! i'm surprised that i'm not more nervous. she is the first girl that i have ever asked out on a date, that wasn't a high school dance. i know that we are going to have so much fun. i cant wait.
then after our date i am staying the nite in utah valley somewhere. i may have to sleep in my car. but that would be totally fine, i've done it before. but either way i'm staying the nite down there and my family is picking me up on saturday to go to st george. i guess that is going to be awesome, but i really cant remember what exactly there is to do in st george. oh well, i love spending time with my family, so either way it's going to rock!
so it sounds like i have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me. i hope that i get it all done.
the doors have been shut but the windows are all open
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how was the date?! how was the date?!