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i'm going to have to change my IM quiz.......

so i had the rare opportunity to drive johnny kistemann around today(*please note the sarcasm), but it didnt really go quite as smoothly as it would had somebody else been driving. i picked up johnny at his appointment at three and i was taking him across town, to his other "appointment", when my car ran out of gas! seriously, running out of gas is so lame. so johnny adam and i hiked up to a sinclair station to get some gas. we filled up the gas can and elected adam to take the skateboard back to my car to fill it up. a half hour goes by and adam pulls up to the gas station. not in my car, but sitting in the back seat of a car filled with girls! i cant explain how confused johnny and i were. apparantly, the gas i put in the can was not enough to get the car started. so adam filled it up and started back when a car full of girls offered him a ride to the gas station in exchange for skateboarding lessons. so i refilled the gas can and the girls drove us all back to my car. we did all that and got johnny the dirty mexican to his "appointment" on time. wowie! what a crazy day!
for some reason i have no inclination to update my live journal since my return from st george. but i am hoping that i will regain my motivaton to update on a daily basis. but for now this will have to do. baby steps my friends, baby steps...... goonies+jello popcorn+nine o clock+family+my house=plan!
sometimes the truth can be damaging
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