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mr. mx or elder mx?

what a day i've had today. i had the chance to test my luck as a substitute teacher at the high skool today. it was so much fun. i would really like to do that everyday, except maybe do a little teaching..... it was so much fun. all of my friends came to visit me during 4th and 5th hours. it was rad. i like my friends a ton.

tonite i took kayelyn out on a date! we went to iceberg and then we saw "catch me if you can". it was a good movie, kinda long, but well worth it. anyway, i had so much fun with her tonite. i seriously think she is the sweetest girl ever. i feel really lucky to be with her.

later on i was invited to tag along on the girl's nite out. that was pretty cool too. but i felt wierd half way through it, and that didnt work out so well. whatever....

my time here is so much shorter than i realized. its the 11th and i leave on the 22nd. 11 days left. i hope that i get everything fixed by then. sometimes i just feel like crying about it. i put up a front and i know deep inside that i'm so overwhelmed with what needs to be done before i go. but i'll go either way, no matter what i do or dont do, i'm gone on the 22nd. but my loose ends need to be taken care of or completely cut off, or i wont have a clear mind when i enter the mtc. i am trying my best to excercise faith in the Lord. its hard to be as blind as i am.

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