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"do you remember that time when......"

ten days left, and then i will only be a memory. the only time i am ever refered to will be preceded by "do you remember that time when......". its incredible how well things are going right now. i just wish that i could get everything done that i need done before i leave. i have about seven songs i need to finish and record before i leave. i'm seriously praying for a miracle.

i gave a talk in church today and i think it actually went well. i'm surprised too, because i just kinda threw it together the night before at three thirty am. but i know that the Lord helped me and that my prayers were answered. i cried, i'm such a baby! all of my friends came to watch me speak. i'm so thankful for them. seriously, i really am.

so i have a list of movies that i need to watch before i can go, wanna see? ok!
1*the green mile
2*dumb and dumber
4*billy madison
5*corky romano
6*LOTR: the two towers
7*orange county
8*oh brother, where art thou?

thats all, for now. anyone wanna help? oh i also have to go to the midway antiques/ burger joint. and swing over to smith and edwards. these things are all mandatory. man, so much to do and only ten days to do it in.

warm hands, warm hearts
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