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what a day it was! i did so very little today, cosidering how little time i have. i did get to spend some time with adam and johnny today. i love those guys so much! they are the best friends any guy could ever ask for.

i got to hang out with my old friends, roxy, al, nikki, and cookie. it was so good to see them. i havent hung out with them forever. its just too bad that i waited until i had six days here before i decided to give them a call again. we hung out at cookie's house (she's married now) and watched "the young ones"! it was so cool, its like they planned this nite full of things we used to do with each other. we mostly just sat around and talked about old times. i miss them sometimes. oh well, i'm going on a mission! they'll all be married when i get back anyway, so it was good to hang out with them one last time.

tomorrow i am going back in to the studio. i'm going to lay down guitar and vocal tracks for three or four or five more songs. i'm so close to being finished, i'm so excited. i dont think anyone but me really knows how much time and thought and emotion i have put into these songs. seriously, i've been working hard on this for a little over a year. so i'm really excited to be so close to being finished. i need more time. i wish i could take a lot more time and add everything that i want to the songs. i have so many ideas but i'm going to have to compromise a lot, for the sake of time.

i'm going in to substitute teach again tomorrow. it wont be the same because not as many of my friends are coming to visit me. oh well, i am a strong, independant, hard working boy. i dont need other people to make me happy..............................*if only*....

i guess its time to start detaching from kayelyn, or at least i am told. i dont think that its going to be so easy. i prefer to do it the fun way. the fun way is where you pretend that you're not really leaving for two years. and then when it does you have the chance to be really sad. and miss her a lot. and wish you would have done it the other way. yup! thats the way i prefer to do it (or so my track record would show). but seriously, i am going to miss her a lot. kayelyn, you better write me, at least for the first couple of weeks! :)

i need to go write a song or two
love me!
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