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well today was saturday and what a saturday it turned out to be. a bunch of us drove down to provo to go do baptisms. and when i say a bunch of us i mean, adam, melissa, charlene, johnny, stephanie, lisa and myself. it was so much fun. i got to participate in the baptisms and the confirmations. thats was awesome. i love excercising my priesthood power.

after that we walked down to the mtc and had our pictures taken by the mtc sign. that was so cool, and i'll tell you why: everyone thought that we were missionaries. so everyone ws honking at us and waving. i cant wait to go! we even had the missionaries themselves fooled.

eventually we made our way out of utah valley and into the salt lake valley. we met up with kayelyn! in salt lake. and we all went to watch "the testaments: of one sheep and one fold" together. i love doing spiritual things with friends. there is nothing that will bring people closer than The Spirit! i love that movie so much. i have seen it so many times, and i still cry, yesterdays crying count was four. four times! thats insane.

i am so excited that i got to drive kayelyn home. i love talking with her. she is so perfect for me. i dont think that i will ever understand why i feel so nervous around her. i'm supposed to be masculine and composed. i cant have shakey knees around girls, especially around kayelyn. oh well. i'm going to miss you kayelyn! but thats not really news to you, i always tell you that.

tomorrow is my farewell talk and i havent written anything on it yet. maybe i should work on that. i'm so nervous that i will do a horrible job. anyway i should probably go work on that now. but anyone that has a livejournal knows where thier priorities lie.

almost three days left.
brett mx
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