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today was my farewell. i wrote my talk at eight o clock. what was i thinking? man i'm such a silly little gook! any way, a lot of my friends came out to see me. that made me the most happy out of everything. as i sat up on the stand i looked over the crowd at all of the familiar faces. i have been blessed throughout my life with the most amazing friends. i'm such a lucky guy.

everybody came to my grandma spendlove's after for food. that was awesome. again, i love my friends. later on melissa came over to my house. she came to my farewell but took off afterword. she said it felt too awkward. i wonder if she ever remembers all the awkward times i had, and she told me to "get over it". yeah, i hope she felt that today. i hope she saw who my true friends are.

i cant believe that my days are so few. no one, but those who have experinced this, could even imagine how much faith i have to have. how hard this is going to be. but i will never know how wonderful serving a mission can be, if i dont experience how hard it should be. above all i am excited to make a difference and to serve.

i'm off to bed, peace!
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