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southern by the grace of god!

yeeha! i knew i wouldnt be able to stay away for too long! i think i should win an award for the most obcessive! i always knew i was.
i feel somewhat connected to my old life being here. i like it. but it makes me a little too homesick. just know that i miss all of you so much!
so heres the good word: i live in gaston SC! its a really small redneck town. they even have a chapter of the KKK here! no kidding. but the mission president somehow thinks that i am capable of opening up a new area, so he put us in the boonies. no telephone, no electricity, no furniture, no anything. but that was almost a week ago. we have everything now. we had to sleep on the floor for the first couple of nites. I'm still working on washing the smoke smell out of my clothes.I love it though. i wioll always remember serving here. my mission is sacred to me.
today is my first PDay and I think we are going to go celebrate in west columbia. i need to go shopping for ties at the salvation army, and buy a hoddie and other neat stuff.
oh check this out. my companion is elder sunia max fonua, from lehi, utah! kayelyn and denise, you have to know him. he's a big tongan football player! he knows you, so if you dont know him than you are rude.

i catch myself from time to time speaking in a southern accent. i havent started saying ya'll yet, but my accent is starting to change. i think subconciously i am doing it on purpose.

i dont know how often i'll be able to use the internet, so still write me using letters. I love you all!

elder brett murdock
3114 a hwy 6
lexington, SC 29073
*make sure you put my first name. apparently there is another elder murdock here, stealing my glory!

peace out
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i knew you couldnt stay away for long! haha... i've written you lots, i promise... i just havent mailed it yet... /: i promise by today i will have a letter in the mail! i'm so glad you're liking SC! you're in my prayers!

Brett! Your not dead!
Wanna know what's silly, I was sitting here (finishing up your letter), and Janell called and said,"Go check livejournal, NOW!" hah! And yea, I know Max Fonua, he was a big scary football player! I hope he doesn't beat you up! Thats so wierd you ended up with him!
Ok,well Im gonna go finish your letter all the way and mail it today!
Yay! Brett! Yay! Brett!
P.S.~I think every sentence ended with a !...!
I'm glad to know that despite your calling and your mission to serve the LDS church, you still find time for your other calling/mission WRITING IN YOUR LIVEJOURNAL. For a little while I was doubting your livejournal ability, but now I know...I know!
I'm so glad you're having fun and enjoying yourself. Now that I have your address I'll have to write you!
Here are some tips for the south:
1. Almost everything has meat in it. If you order a piece of bread, odds are there will be bacon chips in it as well
2. They drink ice tea like it's water there...since you're not allowed to drink tea, well, you're going to be viewed as an outsider the WHOLE time
3. Don't clue anyone in that the confederacy lost the Civil War..
4. You're going to see every possible redneck/confederate catchy slogan bumper sticker known to man
5. No matter what they say Grits DO NOT taste like Cream of Wheat.
6. Don't even try to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of your clothes, because within an hour they will be filled again
7. Air Conditioning is your friend
8. A waffle house at 2 in the morning is the equivalent of a white trash festival. You will meet some interesting people...(but you shouldn't be out that late anyway!)
9. You are a cracker, and yes, they are looking at you (I think I had a little more problems then you will..)
10. DO NOT buy any confederate emblem stuff. You'll regret it later.

I'm glad to see that you're alive and well. (I like how we're all talking as if you're hiking to the top of mt. everest or something)

How cool is this?!
I don't know how often you see this either, but i am very very glad to hear that you are doing well!
rednecks eh? how radical!
I love you Elder!
From your little sister,
This is the only message you will recieve from me.
--Kenneth Donaldson